Loader Tractor Mirror Kit (Single Side)

Single Side Mirror Kit

Save your neck and back!  If you own a popular compact tractor with a loader, then we know that you are tired of having to turn around to look when you back up.  Face it, if you use your loader at all you spend 30-40% of your time going backwards. Why doesn't your dealer offer a mirror?  For that matter, why are there NO tractors with loaders that offer mirrors?  Look no more.  We have developed a simple to install, value packed mirror kit that will give you the safety you need, save your neck from constant turning and not leave your wallet empty.  Installation takes less than five minutes and requires normal tools.  We provide all of the mounting hardware and our universal bracket (patent pending).  In addition, you get a 7" x 11" convex post mount mirror.  This is the same heavy duty mirror we sell for excavators so you know it will survive your tractor. 

This mirror kits works on most loaders. It depends on your tractor whether it bolts right on or you may have to drill a single hole for the bolt.

This kit works on the following tractors:

Mounts directly to the following John Deere loaders:  

• 200CX
• 210
• 300
• 300X
• 410
• 420
• 430
• 460

New Holland loaders, the 240TL, 250TL, 260TL and 270TL.  These loaders are used on the Boomer series and the T1520 and T1530 tractors.  This kit will work on the 110TL loader attachment, however you will  have to drill one hole to mount the unit.

This also works on some of the Bobcat, Kubota, Massey and Kyoti loader tractors.



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Loader Tractor Mirror Kit (Single Side)

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