Kubota RTV 1100 (X Series) External Cab Mirror Kit

This mirror kit is designed to fit on the new X Series Kubota RTV 1100 with cab.


Mirror Kit Includes:

Includes (8) 8mm-1.25x25 Bolt

 (2) 6"x10" Mirrors 

(2) Kubota RTV 1100x SE Brackets

(4) M8-1.25 Acorn Nut

(1) "S" Left Mirror Arm

(1) "S" Right Mirror Arm


Box Length: 12"

Box Width: 10"

Box Height: 8"

 Quick and easy installation! Simply remove a couple nuts and bolts and replace with the ones we provide you.


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  • Item #: DRTV1100X

Kubota RTV 1100 (X Series) External Cab Mirror Kit

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